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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about the undergraduate program :

  • Where can I find out what courses are to be offered on TELETECHNET next semester?

    Email Hill Price who is our TELETECHNET representative and he will pass you the information. His phone # is 683-4415. The University Schedule Books have specific listings for TELETECHNET classes

  • How do I get involved with an interesting research project?

    All faculty are interested in working with students at all levels. Refer to the faculty web page for a list of faculty interest areas.

  • How can I find out about cooperative education and internship opportunities?

    Cooperative education and internship programs are coordinated through the Career Management Center.

  • Where can I find out about job opportunities and interview schedules?

    Job opportunities and other career planning acitivies are provided by the Career Management Center.

  • How can I find out what the tuition and fees are for undergraduate students?

    Information regarding tuition and fees, or call the office of financial aid at (757) 683-3683.

  • Where can I find information on financial aid?

    For Information about Financial Aid .

  • How are transfer credits evaluated?

    This is frequently a two stage process. After the Admissions Office recieves an official transcript, an initial determination of transfer equivalence will be made. However, when it is unclear what the appropriate course equivalent is, the Admission Offi ce awards only elective credit. A review of the course (via syllabus, text and work performed) can then be requested by the student at the appropriate department.
    Review of undergradutate computer science credits can be conducted by the undergraduate advisors in computer science.
    Please refer to the Computer Science Advisor Site for further information.

  • How can I find a future schedule of Computer Science courses?

    The department has put together a four year schedule.

  • What are the basic graduation requirements?

    Basic graduation requirements.For a more detailed advising information including how to contact advisors.

  • How do I get advised for registration? How can I get an advisor's block removed?

    Steps for registration advising including the removal of the advisor's block

  • In addition to course requirements, is there anything else I must do to graduate?

    You must take and pass the Exit Writing Exam and you must take the University Senior Assessment Exam and the Major Field Achievement Test.

  • What must I do to get a minor in computer science?

    Requirements for a minor in computer science.

    Is there a student organization for those interested in Computer Science?

    The student chapter of the ACM

Questions about the graduate program:

  • What is a topics course?

    One of the primary uses of the topics courses is for independent study. In general this will be on a topic which the student and supervising faculty have a mutual interest and normally will not be material covered in a regular course offering. Also the t opics courses are occasionally used to offer a new or interesting course which is not part of the regular curriculum.In this case the interested students with the proper background should treat it as a normal course.

  • How does a graduate student arrange an independent study?

    Contact the faculty member with whom they wish to study. If the topic is of mutual interest and benefit then the faculty member will give them permission to sign up for the desired topics course.

  • I am interested in applying for admission to the CS graduate program in the near future. What courses should I be taking now to prepare and to increase my chances of admission?

    Go to "Academic Requirements for Admission" in Prospective Students/Graduate

  • What's the best way to find a faculty advisor for an MS project or thesis?

    Go to the faculty web page, find faculty members in the area(s) of your interest and talk to them.

  • How can I find the research interests of the faculty?

    A list of faculty research interests can be found here.

  • What do I have to do to graduate ?

    Go to Things to Do to Graduate.

  • Can one get into the PhD program directly after BS?

    Not impossible but extremely rare. Consult the Graduate Program Director.

Other Questions:

  • Is ODU a State University or a private one?

    ODU is one of five doctoral granting universities run by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Are there student organizations?

    Our graduate student organization is ACM and a variety of undergraduate university organizations