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ODU CS Department Professor Tamer Nadeem recently got a grant from the ODU Office of Research's Multidisciplinary Seed Fund.

It provides $60,500 to the project .Investigating the Feasibility of Exploiting Bluetooth Technology in Locating Vehicles at Intersections.. This project involves a multidisciplinary team of Tamer Nadeem (PI), Computer Science and Mecit Cetin (Co-PI), Civil & Environmental Engineering. In this project, we explore a cost-effective, low-maintenance and efficient sensing mechanism that utilizes the Bluetooth devices that exist nowadays in vehicles (i.e., built-in Bluetooth, on-board mobile phones, hands-free devices) to estimate queue lengths at intersections. Queue lengths are important for both characterizing the performance of the systems and for developing more efficient traffic signal control strategies. By measuring the vehicular queues on all approaches of an intersection, signal phase durations can be adjusted to allocate the green times more efficiently to reduce delays and wait times.