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The Computer Science Department will be hosting a colloquium on Friday, September 13th, 2013 in the E&CS Building first floor auditorium.

TIME: 10:30 (DONUTS) 10:40 (TALK)

Title: Machine Learning in Vision and Brain Analytics

Shuiwang Ji
Assistant Professor
ODU Computer Science

Abstract: Learning and vision are important areas in both biological and machineintelligence. Learning to recognize real-world objects has been a longstandinggoal of machine intelligence. In this talk, I will give a unified view of thecomputational learning and vision systems. I will then discuss a class of deepmodels that are trained end-to-end for performing complex visual recognitiontasks. I will show how such models can be adapted for recognizing human actionsin real-world surveillance video data. I will discuss the relationship of thesemodels to a class of sparsity learning methods. Finally, I will touch on ourrecent work on studying the brain connectivity and gene expressions usingcomputational tools.

Short Bio:
Shuiwang Ji received the Ph.D. degree from Arizona State University (ASU) in2010 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at OldDominion University (ODU). His research interests include machine learning,data mining, and computational biology. He received the Outstanding Ph.D.Student in Computer Science Award from ASU in 2010 and the Early CareerDistinguished Research Award from ODU's College of Sciences in 2012. He servedon the program committees of many international conferences, including theAnnual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, the ACM SIGKDDConference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the International Conferenceon Machine Learning, and the International Joint Conference on ArtificialIntelligence.


COLLOQUIUM SCHEDULING INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AThttp://webspace.cs.odu.edu/~ibl/colloq.html

Colloquium Requirements for Graduate Students:http://webspace.cs.odu.edu/~ibl/colloqreq.htm

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