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MITRE sessions on cloud and mobile computing

MITRE is helping organize government-wide collaboration sessions on cloud computing (http://www.cloudfedsummit.com/) and mobile computing (http://www.mobilefeds.com/) between members of the DoD, Intelligence Community, and industry. Both summits will take place in late 2013. The goal of these meetings is to help bring commercial/academic/government organizations together that normal do not communicate or collaborate on the hard problems facing the government cloud computing community.

MITRE is inviting the local academic communities to participate in these summits. This is a good opportunity for students with a research interest in the mobile and cloud computing areas to see what the big problems are as well as get introduced to some of the big players. This would be on a volunteer basis and there will be a virtual presence for the meeting - MITRE is inviting academic participants to attend the meeting from our site in Hampton, VA. Since this is a government meeting and secure facility, only US Citizens may attend.

At the MITRE site, students will participate in a joint collaboration session with participants from Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University, Hampton University, and the College of William and Mary, listen to speakers on the challenge areas, and provide recommendations directly to industry and the government on approaches to their problems. The end-goal is to create connections between academic institutions and government agencies.

Please contact Justin F. Brunelle (contact information below) for additional information on potential participation.

Justin F. Brunelle
MITRE Corporation