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College of Sciences Award Ceremony

Wednesday was the annual College of Sciences Award Ceremony in the Mills Godwin Building Auditorium. Several outstanding Computer Science students and faculty were recognized at the ceremony.

Mary Ellen Taylor received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student for Fall 2011. Ms. Taylor began her studies at ODU in 2009, as a second degree seeking student. She graduated this past December with an overall GPA of 3.75. Mary Ellen is a non-traditional student who very successfully managed a household while changing her career path. I am pleased to recognize Mary’s accomplishments.
Her most inspirational faculty member is Ms. Janet Brunelle.

Tony Chiou received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student for May 2012. Mr. Chiou will graduate next week, with a BS in CS and two minors: Computer Engineering, and Modeling and Simulation. His overall GPA is currently 3.82 as an Honors College student.
Tony has already landed a wonderful job with IBM as an IT Specialist/Consultant. He intends to learn Game Development or Multimedia Technology over the next few years. He then hopes to attend graduate school to pursue a Master's Degree in CS. I am delighted to present this award to Tony.
His most inspirational faculty member is also Ms. Janet Brunelle.

Andrew Schaefer received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant for the 2011- 2012 Academic Year. Andrew is a Masters student in the CS Department. He will graduate this summer with an expected 4.0 GPA and will join our PhD program. Andrew has worked as a Teaching Assistant in the computer science department since his very first semester in 2010. He has taken on increasingly harder teaching assignments going from a lab instructor to teaching large sections of freshmen level courses. He has consistently received excellent feedback for his teaching efforts. I am delighted to present this award to Andrew.
His most inspirational faculty member is Dr. Hussein Abdel-Wahab.

Abhishek Biswas received the Outstanding Research Assistant for the 2011-2012 Academic Year. Abhishek is a second year doctoral student who is conducting bioinformatics and high-performance computing research under the guidance of Dr. Desh Ranjan and Dr. Mohammed Zubair. His research involves developing a parallel pipeline to automate assembly of genomes with decision-making logic for error detection, error correction, finishing and gap closing.
He has also conducted research with Dr. David Gauthier from the Department of Biological Sciences in assembly of bacterial genomes and with Dr. Jing He on protein structure prediction problem. He has already published a number of papers in internationally refereed venues.
His most inspirational faculty members are Dr. Steven Zeil and Dr. Jing He.

A couple of Computer Science Faculty members were also recognized for their excellent research activities. Dr. Michael Nelson received a Distinguished Research Award. Dr. Shuiwang Ji received an Early Career Distinguished Research Award for Pre-tenured Faculty.