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Jobs With a B.S. In Computer Science

One of the first questions that students ask about careers is whether they can find a job with a BSCS degree. In general, the answer is that graduates with a B.S. in Computer Science from our program typicallly have a choice of many possible jobs and/or graduate schools. There has been a tremendous demand for our graduates in the recent past and this is projected to be true in the forseeable future and there are many opportunities for supported graduate study which are begging for good candidates. Actually many of our majors begin working in the profession by seeking coop or internship opportunities as part of their degree program and many of these stay with the same firm after graduation. All CS majors take the Computer Productivity Initiative course (CS410) which simulates many aspects of the professional world in computer science. You may also enhance your opportunities by carefully selecting your senior electives in our program to prepare for careers in specialty areas such at Oracle databases, Cisco Routers or Solaris Operating Systems.

There are many things you should do to begin a job search. First,visit the Career Management Center in Webb Center, Room 2202, 683-4388 which offers a wide variety of services, programs, and resources to enhance your career development and employability. Besides helping you explore the types of job opportunities and salaries available, they can help you with interviewing, resume writing, and job search techniques. You need to remember that while finding a job is easy you must be selective and find a good position for yourself. One that suits your background and interests, one that provides opportunity for professional growth and does not lead to stagnation.