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Dr. Larry Wilson
Computer Science Department
Old Dominion University


Dr. Larry Wilson was a member of the Math Department at ODU from 1968-1979. He taught a wide variety of courses ranging from freshman to graduate level as this department evolved from only offering an undergraduate degree to a research department with a PhD program. In 1979 he moved with the Computer Science Department when it was created in a split from the Math Department. He taught a wide variety of courses ranging from freshman to graduate level as the CS department evolved from a teaching mission to become a research department with an active PhD program. He served as assistant chairman for twenty years and also played a major role in the selection and recruiting of faculty in this department from its inception. For over twenty years he has been the advisor to the ODU ACM student organization and the coach of our programming teams. For three years he was the director of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Programming contest and introduced the distributed contest to this region, thereby upping the number of participating teams to over one hundred per year.

Dr. Wilson has researched and published in four areas during his career. While in the Math Department he published in the areas of Mikusinski Operator Functions. Later due to contacts at NASA he became interested and published in Software Reliability. More recently, in collaboration with Dr. Stephan Olariu he has publications in the areas of Mesh Architectures and Wireless Sensor Networks.

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