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About Roc Family

Roc Solid Foundation builds hope for children battling cancer and their families by offering opportunities for them to do what they do best – play.

What does Roc Solid do?

  • Roc Solid aims to make hospital stays and recovery better for children diagnosed with cancer and their parents.
  • Roc Solid provides each family with a Ready Bag, containing essential supplies to make their stay easier as most families don’t leave the hospital for weeks after finding out their child has cancer.
  • Among other items inside the Ready Bag is a Kindle Fire which will be pre-loaded with the Roc Family app.
  • Problem

    Problem Statement

    Families with a pediatric cancer patient currently lack a gateway to information and engaging distractions.

    Problem Characteristics

  • Pediatric patients struggle to maintain a healthy level of play.
  • Pediatric patients have difficulties finding movies to entertain themselves while in the hospital.
  • Families feel isolated and need a support network.
  • Families need suggestions for local activities and events.
  • Families struggle with financial hardship
  • Who it affects?

  • Pediatric Patients
  • Parents or Guardians
  • Problem Process Flow


    Solution Statement

    An application that is preloaded onto the tablet provided in the Roc Solid Ready Bag, which offers support for parents and entertainment for children, during this stressful time in their lives.

    Solution Characteristics

  • The app will provide information on local events.
  • The app will have access to kid friendly games.
  • The app will provide access to movies.
  • The app will provide a page for testimonials and advice from the Roc Community
  • The app will provide a page for coupons and deals.
  • Goals and Objectives

  • The application will be preloaded onto the device.
  • The application will provide kid zone for entertainment and support for the patient.
  • The application will provide an adult zone entertainment and to get support from other Roc community members.
  • Solution Process Flow

    Competition Matrix

    Risk Matrix

    Major Functional Component


    User Stories

    As a visitor I want to be able to

  • Find out information the Roc Solid Foundation
  • Contact the Roc Solid Foundation
  • As a patient I want to be able to

  • Play age appropriate games
  • Watch age appropriate videos
  • As a parent I want to be able to

  • Find out about the surrounding area’s events
  • Find out local coupons and deals
  • View inspirational messages and videos
  • Watch movies
  • As an administrator I need to be able to

  • Add inspirational messages and videos
  • Add movies to availability list
  • Remove movies from availability list
  • Add games to availability list
  • Remove games to availability list
  • Add deals to availability list
  • Remove deals to availability list
  • Add events to availability list
  • Remove events to availability list
  • Authorize families and patients to access full version
  • Authorize trusted partners to submit deals/events
  • De-authorize trusted partners
  • As a trusted partner I want to be able to

  • Submit local events to the database
  • Submit local deals to the database
  • Upload a flyer for the event/deal
  • RocFamily Team

    Fall 2017

    team member

    Ryan Dean is the Founder and CEO of DreamerMade and long time supporter of Roc Solid Foundation. Ryan’s WHY is to help the dreamers of the world bring their ideas to life, use their unique skills and passions to do the same for others.

    Ryan Dean
    team member

    Jennifer Tate is a senior majoring in Computer Science. She works at Tidewater Community College as an Trainer/Instructor I.

    Jennifer Tate
    team member

    Matthew Hall is consulting for a family business in northern Virginia, previously he was in the banking industry for over 15 years. He and his wife live in Richmond, VA and have two dogs. He expects to graduate in 2018 majoring in Computer Science.

    Matthew Hall

    Megan Holm moved to the Hampton Roads region in 2013 from Charleston, South Carolina for her career as a US Navy nuclear mechanic. She was honorably discharged in 2014 where she began pursuing a degree in computer science at Old Dominion University. She is expected to graduate in May of 2018 and will then seek employment as a full time developer in South Carolina.

    Megan Holm
    team member

    Jonathan Schneider is a senior Computer Science major, specializing in Cryptography. He is currently the Lead CAD Engineer at Arconic's Hampton Operations. Expecting to graduate in the spring of 2018, he is looking forward to having his evenings back and having some free time again!

    Jonathan Schneider
    team member

    My name is Hipolito, however, most people call me Hip - it is a lot easier to pronounce. My program of study if a B.S. in Computer Science.

    Hipolito Dominguez