Roc Family

About Us

Roc Family is composed of students from the Spring semester of CS 411, Professional Workforce Development, at Old Dominion University. Roc Family is working with the Roc Solid foundation on a mobile website platform.

About Roc Family

Roc Solid Foundation builds hope for children fighting cancer by providing ways for them to temporarily escape the burdens of doctors’ appointments and treatments through opportunities to do what they do best-PLAY. Roc Solid provides continuous support for a child and their family beginning at the point of diagnosis.

What does Roc Solid do?

  • Play It Forward
  • Play It Forward includes the 100+ custom playsets RSF has constructed in the backyards of children fighting cancer throughout the Southeastern US, as well as room remodels and iPad projects.

  • Solid Support
  • Solid Support builds hope for families dealing with the unimaginable circumstance of their child being diagnosed with cancer. Roc Solid provides these families with Ready Bags filled with essential personal items when they learn their child has cancer for an immediate stay in a hospital.


    Problem Statement

    Families and patients currently lack a community that can provide comfort with engaging activities and a supportive community.

    While the patient is going through treatment the families have difficulties finding ways to entertain everyone while in the hospital. Families feel isolated and need of a supportive network. During this time it can be difficult to find local activities and events in an area that may be new to them. Families may struggle with financial hardships.

    Problem Characteristics

  • Isolated
  • Lack of Support
  • Struggling Financially
  • Stress
  • Constant Hospitalization
  • Boredom
  • Who it affects?

  • Pediatric Patients
  • Parents or Guardians
  • Problem Process Flow


    Solution Statement

    A mobile website platform that is preloaded onto the tablet provided in the RocSolid Ready Bag, which offers comfort support for parents and entertainment for children, during this stressful time in their life.

    Solution Characteristics

  • The mobile website platform will provide information on local events.
  • The mobile website platform will have access to kid friendly games.
  • The mobile website platform will provide access to movies.
  • The mobile website platform will provide a page for testimonials and advice from the Roc Community
  • The mobile website platform will provide a page for coupons and deals.
  • The mobile website platform will provide a live chat to connect families with RocSolid staff and volunteers
  • Goals and Objectives

  • Live Chat
  • Movies for Family
  • Nearby Events and Deals
  • Games for Kids
  • Solution Process Flow

    Competition Matrix

    Risk Matrix

    Major Functional Component

    Major Functional Component Prototype

    Database Schemas

    Data Process Flow

    Mobile Website Platform Server

    Site Map

    Work Breakdown Structure


    Feasibility Presentation

    Formal Design Presentation


    Lab 1 - Outline

    Lab 1 - Individual Paper V1

    Lab 1 - Individual Paper V2

    Lab 2 - Outline

    Lab 2 - 3.1

    Lab 2 - Individual Paper V1

    Prototype User Stories

    User Manuals

    User Stories

    As a family member I need to be able to

  • Find out local coupons, deals, and events
  • Have real-time communication with RocSolid Staff members
  • Have access to age appropriate movies
  • Have access to age appropriate games
  • As a family member I want to be able to

  • Add a log of recent chat activity
  • As RocSolid staff I need to be able to

  • Add/Edit records to the entertainment listings
  • Add/Edit records to the deals and events listings
  • Remove records from the entertainment listings
  • Remove records from the deals and events listings
  • Add access control for the website
  • Authorize families and patients to access the platform
  • Be able to instantly chat with RocFamily users
  • Add a staff UI for updating information
  • As RocSolid staff I want to be able to

  • Add a redemption code for movie site
  • As a tester I need to be able to

  • Maintain database
  • Pre-populate user data
  • Populate fake events
  • Delete fake events
  • Pull zip codes to access local events
  • Update expiration dates
  • As a tester I want to be able to

  • Adjust radius of events and coupon in region
  • RocFamily Team

    Spring 2018

    team member

    Ryan Dean is the Founder and CEO of DreamerMade and long time supporter of Roc Solid Foundation. Ryan’s WHY is to help the dreamers of the world bring their ideas to life, use their unique skills and passions to do the same for others.

    Ryan Dean
    team member

    Matthew Hall is consulting for a family business in northern Virginia, previously he was in the banking industry for over 15 years. He and his wife live in Richmond, VA and have two dogs. He expects to graduate in 2018 majoring in Computer Science.

    Matthew Hall
    Team Leader
    team member

    Jennifer Tate is a senior majoring in Computer Science. She works at Tidewater Community College as an Trainer/Instructor I.

    Jennifer Tate
    UI Specialist

    Megan Holm moved to the Hampton Roads region in 2013 from Charleston, South Carolina for her career as a US Navy nuclear mechanic. She was honorably discharged in 2014 where she began pursuing a degree in computer science at Old Dominion University. She is expected to graduate in May of 2018 and will then seek employment as a full time developer in South Carolina.

    Megan Holm
    Website Manager
    team member

    Christopher Harrison is a senior majoring in computer science who plans on graduating in fall 2017. He has lived in Poquoson Virginia his whole life.He enjoys playing video games whenever he has time.

    Christopher Harrison
    Backend Algorithm Specialist
    team member

    My name is Hipolito, however, most people call me Hip - it is a lot easier to pronounce. My program of study if a B.S. in Computer Science.

    Hipolito Dominguez
    Database Manager