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  • Joanna Borba Chief Executive Officer

    I'm just your typical female computer science major trying to find her way through the male dominated field. I am a current sophomore at ODU who plans to one day work on continuing the progress of technology when it comes to gene mapping. When I am not consumed with school and extracurriculars I can be found next to a bottle of Mtn Dew with a video game controller in my hand

  • Sarah Dudley Chief Operating Officer

    Sarah Dudley is a junior in computer science. Her first degree is in medical laboratory science. She worked at Sentara hospital for two years before returning to school. She plans to combine both degrees for a career in healthcare software. This coming summer she will participate in her first internship with Stratus Live where she will work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Leanne Aspinwall Chief Information Officer

    Leanne is a sophomore in electrical engineering technology. With a concentration in computer engineering technology, she enjoys learning about both hardware and software. When she's not busy being a nerd, she enjoys relaxing at home and snuggling with her cats.

  • Asim Amjad Chief Financing Officer

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  • Michelle Graham Chief Marketing Officer

    Michelle Graham currently attends Old Dominion University as a Junior in pursuit of a BS in Computer Science. With a strong passion for video games, she aims to become an educational game developer. Not only are they a favorite pastime, but she believes gamification will revolutionize the educational system. She also loves anime, is a huge foodie, and would love to be your friend!

  • Joshua Harris Chief Technology Officer

    Joshua Harris is a Junior from Virginia Beach who loves web applications. His focus is on backend/apis. Mostly works with Nodejs and php. Last summer he had an internship at NASA creating web applications, using Docker/Amazon web services for deployment. He is active in the local developer community, often attending meetups and events. He currently interns at Dominion Enterprises, Forrent.com. Github profile @joshuajharris

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