CS-495/595 Big Data
Spring 2015
Wed. 4:20PM - 7:00PM Constant Hall 1043
Instructor: Dr. Cartledge

  1. The promotional flyer is here.
  2. The syllabus is here (last updated 3 February 2015).
  3. The list of assignments (a work in progress, last updated 20 February 2015) is here.
  4. Assignments (and a few solutions) are here (last updated 9 January 2015).
  5. A collection of useful ideas and things is here (last updated 25 January 2015).
  6. Soft copies of the lectures (always a work in progress, last updated 7 April 2015) are located here.
  7. Exams with expected answers are here (last updated 25 February 2015).
  8. A Google Group has been created for the class. The group is called "ODU Big Data Course" because it seems like the right name. These are the approximate steps to join the group (the steps are approximate because I'm sure that I haven't tested all options and combinations):
    1. Go to this URL: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/odu-big-data-course
    2. Subscribe to the group.
    3. Enter the email address where you will get emails sent to/from the group.
    4. Check your e-mail at the address you just entered.
    5. Confirm that you want to join the group.
    6. Wait. (I will have to approve your request for membership in the group. Sometimes it takes me a while to check my e-mail.)
    7. Read acceptance e-mail from the group.
    8. Visit the group.
    Be sure to set up your preferences so that you get e-mail updates whenever someone posts something to the group.

Class virtual office calendar: