TV Social is an Android application that will allow television viewers to participate in an active discussion and socialize about TV shows and channels they enjoy watching. The majority of the user experience will take place within the native Android app. Users will be able to select from a list of television programs being aired, then enter into a conversation module with other viewers. There will also be a server to handle tracking conversations and archiving. As far as content provided, the initial release will primarily focus on nationally-operated, major television channels and broadcasts. There will be basic functionality for handling the "chat-rooms" and managing unique users who participate in the discussions, and tracking others who are watching similar programming.


It will give audiences at home the capability to interact with other people across the nation over Internet who are watching the same TV channels and shows. It will open up the opportunity for discussion via users smart phones, even if there are no other people physically in the same room. No more watching television alone! TV Social will make societal impacts in the homes of television viewers across the nation. There is also a huge upside for investors as there are potential revenues to be made here through in-app, targeted advertising. There do not seem to be any other applications readily available on the Android Market that specifically target the discussion of television shows, so there is a tremendous entrepreneurial opportunity with a completely unsaturated market. Some functionality for getting the listings are already provided by apps such as TV Guide and Mobo TV News & Listings, but the focus is more on the listings rather than an actual viewer discussion.

Usage Case Scenarios

You are at home relaxing with nobody else around. Needing to vent about what happened on the season finale of Lost, you fire up the TVSocial app from your Android 2.2+ handset.
  1. Upon launching the application, you are greeted with the splash screen.
  2. Press the Search (magnifier glass) button to open the listing search.
  3. There are many listings for today. Type in "lost" in the search bar to narrow the results.
  4. Click on the episode "Lost - Season 6 Ep 17 - The End" to open the discussion.
  5. From here, you can join in a conversation with others around the nation that are watching the same show with the same level of disgust and/or surprise.


Future Work

Video Demonstration