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Project                         Abstract

The GAP project focuses on the innovation of a powerful and unique solution to the current inefficiency problems related to CPU usage. GAP implements a versatile solution that will allow computationally intensive environments to become more efficient, thereby saving time and money.

CPI Overview

The Computer Productivity Initiative (CPI) began as a research project that was supported by the National Science Foundation as the first attempt of tying together a Computer Science set of curricula courses by providing a project based course sequence that required the knowledge and skills previously learned. Since the completion and reporting of the research success, several courses of a similar nature have been developed and placed in use as part of the curricula of other universities. All information on this site, pertains to CS410 and CS411 projects at Old Dominion University . If any question arise, please contact our Professors
Janet Brunelle,
Dennis Ray, or Hill Price.

Old Dominion University Computer Productivity Initiative


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