Losing personal items costs time and money- It takes time to look for the item, and it costs money to replace the item once it canít be found.  Sometimes itís impossible to replace what is lost because the item has sentimental value.  Imagine a daughter that loses a family heirloom given to her by her grandmother.  Some items, once lost, cause security issues.  Imagine a police officer that loses a gun, or a CEO that loses important classified documents.  In todayís society, the item will inevitably be picked up by a dishonest person.  There must be a solution, and finally there is.  The Commo Neoô alerts the user when a tagged item is left behind, increasing the likelihood that the item will be retrieved. 




Although there are many reminder- systems on the market, none of them notify the user that an item is missing.  The Commo Neo, on the other hand, continually monitors the distance between a master and its slaves in a Bluetooth network.  When the master device (carried by the user) detects that one or more of the slaves (a tag attached to the item being tracked) are out of range, the device alerts the user and notifies him/her that an item has been left behind. 

Many factors such as stress, excitement, or distraction cause people to leave items behind every day.  This doesnít have to be the case.  The technology is available and simply needs to be implemented.  The time is now to change an age-old problem.  With the use of the Commo Neo, we can put a serious dent in permanent loss of personal property.

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