The final presentation will be on Dec 12th.

Project Abstract

PASD (Predictive Analysis Schedule Designer) is an all-in-one tool for use by today's modern university. All PASD requires is that the university have an existing database (preferably Banner) that houses student, faculty, staff, building, and historical records. With the information in this database, along with input from the student body and faculty, PASD will take care of many of your enrollment management needs. Simply have your students input the classes they would like to take in the following semester, your faculty input their preferences, and PASD will take care of the rest. PASD uses current student input along with historical data to estimate the number of students that can be expected for a class. The faculty member responsible for scheduling will then see this data, after it has been cleaned up and organized. From there the scheduler may decide what classes will be offered. PASD then uses the student data, historical data, offered classes, faculty input, and the room sizes to create a schedule that will optimize the universities resources. Simply review the schedule that PASD returns to you, make any changes that you would like to see, and then it is finalized. All the hard manual labor and uncomfortable phone calls are removed, and you have a sleek, streamlined system for creating your university's class schedule.