Mission Statement:

"To make life easier for ODU students by providing a more convenient means of interacting with the university."

A Brief Overview of the ODU Online Project

The goal of ODU Online is to create a centralized information service for the use of ODU students, faculty, and staff. The service will allow students the opportunity to do such things as register and pay for classes online, check on financial aid status, and keep up with events pertaining to the student's academic and social life here at Old Dominion, all from one convenient interface. The time and hassle saved will allow the students to stay organized and focused, and therefore, be more productive academically.

Proposed Features of the System

Project Status

This semester we have been charged by Dave Harnage, Vice President of Administration and Finance, with investigating the hardware implementation of kiosks for a campus-wide information service such as ODU Online. We have also been working on prototype Web applications for checking grades and online registration.

Web Prototypes

Team Members:

Team Project Area

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