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        Studies show that a restaurant loses, on average, hundreds of dollars each day due to mistakes by the server, or by the customer not knowing the ingredients in a particular meal. If there were a way for customers to examine a pictured menu at their leisure, and make selections knowing the ingredients in their chosen meal, how much of this lost revenue could be reclaimed?

         D.O.R.S., Dynamic Online Restaurant System, is a customizable menu delivery and order collecting system that can be tailored to fit any restaurant style and menu, and can take orders from customers over the Internet. Customers can add and remove items, and change side dishes at will, allowing them to be fully conscience of what they are ordering. Additionally, since the order is sent to the restaurant, it can be submitted as soon as the customer arrives. This can reduce the chance for errors in taking the order, and allowing you to more quickly receive your meal.

         DORS is driven by proven Internet software, and highly customizable layout templates; making it quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Your greatest worry is where to seat all the customers.