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Functional Specifications
Download our full functional specifications, covering all aspects of our project.

Cost Information
Our full cost information is now online! View our detailed yearly budget, personnel breakdown, and our system cost / projected profits analysis.

For economic reasons major “everything under one roof” stores like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot have expanded the capacity of their stores both in overall size and in the variety of products they sell. Many customers feel not only overwhelmed by their shear size, but also lost when it comes to locating a particular product. The customer is often forced to ask a sales associate for help locating the product.

Our solution to locating the products and reducing the time sales associates spend answering questions is the Product Locater. The Product Locater is a kiosk-style system located remotely throughout the store or near the front of the store. The customer would only need to enter a one or two word generic description of the product, or the SKU number, and the system would return the product location, a brief description, cost, and any pertinent information about the product.

We will develop a functional prototype by May 2002 and one funded fully functional system by June 2003. The system's applications will be nearly unlimited.