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About Me

My name is Darrin Lee and I am a recent graduate of Old Dominion University. I graduated in May of 2009 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Geography with a minor in Computer Science. I graduated in 2005 from Rappahannock High School. I am currently seeking a job in the Geographic Information Systems field.

I greatly enjoy working with projects and concepts involving the techniques and methods used in GIS. Given that GIS is very much a tool used to manipulate and present data in a way that can be deciphered in a simplistic fashion for users of all backgrounds and expertise. Much of the efforts are concentrated on creating carefully produced maps that show the desired features of geographic data.

I have experience primarily with using ArcGIS products which include ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, etc. This particular package of software is user-friendly, navigable and instrumental in producing meaningful results. The other applicable software product is made by Leica Systems, named ERDAS IMAGINE. It is a software essentially used for remote sensing purposes, enabling one to identify geographic features from satellites, aerial photography, sensors and other instruments used to gather information.

Living in an era of growth and change of inhabited areas, both culturally, economically and even socially, raises attention and awareness on many critical issues and challenges. In these cases GIS can be used in many different fields to observe many different aspects of change. Being a resident of the Chesapeake Bay I know that there are many environmental concerns of coastal elements that effect the biological habitat along with human interaction and well-being.  Through GIS one may observe environmental hazards such as sea-level rise, or monitoring the presence, movement and condition of specific biological species.

 Not only in these times do we see changes in environment but also in population and the way that people live with the new technology that is introduced. In meeting the needs of people it is important to understand the trends and patterns of land-use and zoning. GIS is vital part of land-use planning in distinguishing and pin-pointing the best methods to meet needs and properly respond to growth and change.





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