Project Ideas
Throughout course study a student comes to a point where they find interest in certain topics and areas of research. Here you can find some of the concepts and projects that I desire to explore in the future.


M.U.R.P., Urban and Regional Planning, Commerical Revitalization

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia - May 2015


Planning Courses(Major)

- Introduction to Planning(URSP610)
- Legal and Legislative Foundations of Planning(URSP635)
- Foundations of Development Planning(URSP662)
- Rural Planning Policy and Development(URSP672)
- Urban Economic Development Policy(URSP664)
- Urban Public Policy(URSP541)
- Citizen Participation and Negotiation(URSP641)
- Urban Commercial Revitalization(URSP666)

Other Courses
- Introduction to Geographic Information Systems(URSP621)
- Community Socio Economic Analysis Using GIS(URSP622)
- Site Planning and Graphics(URSP525)
- Studio I - Revitalizing Historic Commercial Corridors(URSP761)
- Professional Plan - Neighborhood Park(URSP762)
- Research Methods(URSP623)
- Planning Theory(URSP632)

B.S., Geography

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia - May 2009


- GIS Paper(Geog402)
- Spatial Analysis Paper(Geog419)
- Urban & Regional Planning Paper(Geog411)
- Geography of Virginia Paper(Geog458)
- Hazards and Natural Resources Paper(Geog306T)
- Research Design Paper(Geog308)

Computer Science(Minor)






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