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This is the homepage of Darrin Lee. The purpose of this website is for you to be able to get familiar with and learn about the potential assets and advantages of the skills and expertise offered in relation to being successful in your business, company, or organization. On this website you will find solid descriptions of my objectives, job history, certification, education, and computer skill in the overall collective view of what I can contribute as an employee.
This site is designed to make important documents and information easily accessible by the simple click of of a mouse. Files that are desired to be printed out in hardcopy form are also available for download. The information on each page is designed to be navigable, as everything is properly linked and connected for easy viewing.

Please take the time to view each page carefully to take into consideration the importance that each section of information has in determining your final decisions. Also, do not forget to download a copy of my current resume listed below. Thank You and enjoy...

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