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This page is based on the current book orders sent to the Old Dominion University Bookstore. Book orders are subject to change and correction. Neither the Computer Science Department nor Old Dominion University is responsible if you rely on the list below and such a change occurs.

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GUPTA, AJAY KUMAR CS 121G Introduction to Information Literacy and Research for Scientists *** Most Recent Book: none in database Book: Order not received from instructor
MORRIS, JAY D. CS 150 Problem Solving and Programming I Book: Malik, C++ Programming: from Prob Analysis, 6e 2012 Cengage Course Technology, 1133626386 978-1133626381
ZEIL, S. CS 252 Introduction to Unix for Programmers Book: Sarwar, LINUX and UNIX Programming Tools, 2003, Pearson AW, 0-201-77345-7 Book: (optional) Peek, Learning the UNIX Operating System, 5e, 2002, O'Reilly, 0-596-00261-0
PRICE, GENE HILL CS 300T Computers in Society Book: No book will be used.
ZEIL, S. CS 333 Programming and Problem Solving in C++ Book: Malik, C++ Programming: from Prob Analysis, 6e 2012 Cengage Course Technology, 1133626386 978-1133626381
MORRIS, JAY D. CS 355 Principles of Programming Languages Book: Webber, Modern Programming Languages, 2e, 2010, Franklin Beedle 978-1-59028-250-2
ZEIL, S. CS 361 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Book: Ford, Data Struct w/C++ using STL,2001 Pearson PH 0130858501
MORRIS, JAY D. CS 390 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science Book: Martin, Intro. to Theory of Comput., 4e, 2010 MCG, 9780073191461
PRICE, GENE HILL CS 460 Computer Graphics Book: Foley, Computer Graphics, Princ & Pract 2e 1996 Pearson AW 0201848406 Book: Angel, OpenGL a Primer, 3e, AW Pearson, 0-321-39811-4
PRICE, GENE HILL CS 471 OPERATING SYSTEMS LECT Book: Silberschatz, Operating Syst Concepts 9e, 2012, Wiley 978-1-1181-2938-8
JI, SHUIWANG CS 795/895 Brain Datamining Book: No book will be used.
MUKKAMALA, RAVI CS 795/895 TOPICS IN .NET SECURITY Book: No book required
MUKKAMALA, RAVI CS 795/895 TPC: DATA MINING AND SECURITY Book: Witten, Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning, 3e, Morgan Kaufman Elsevier 978-0-12-374856-0


Course books are usually available locally at the ODU Bookstore in Monarch Village, near the TED, that now has online textbook ordering and at Dominion Bookstore, located near the Technology Building. In addition, many computer science books are available through online bookstores such as:

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