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The Cssa-l mailing list is an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with the Chinese community at ODU.

By subscribing to Cssa-l, you are supposed to agree on getting any messages from all other members and also to understand that whenever you send a message, it will be received by all the others. Everybody is free to announce something to all or to share information with those who may be interested.

Your privacy is protected by the mailing list system. Other members are not able to be aware of your subscribing or unsubscribing. You existence is realized by others only when you speak to them.

We welcome NO COMMERCIALS, EMAIL SPAM, and SOLICITATION to our list. Private selling is OK. 

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Using Cssa-l
To post a message to all the list members, send email to  cssa-l@list.odu.edu

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Help & Questions

[Subscribing & Unsubscribing]
visit CSSA home page or http://list.odu.edu/listinfo/cssa-l/.

[Other Services]
Members can visit http://list.odu.edu/listinfo/cssa-l/ and log into the info page in order to change options.

[Held Messages]
It is hard for administration people to remember to whom one held messages belongs. Please make sure to send from the e-mail which identifies you on the list. Held messages requesting help are approved at earliest time, while others are delayed.

[Message Size]
For others' convenience, please send messages totally no larger than 1MB in size. Note that sometime an attachment in an e-mail may be encoded and is a little larger than the file's actual size.

[Common Concerns]
Administration people cannot access your account information so please keep your password safe. 


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