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Mohamed Aturban

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I am currently a PhD student joining Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group (WS-DL) in Computer Science Department at Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia). I am working under the supervision of Dr. Michele Weigle, and my co-adviser is Prof. Michael L. Nelson. My research interests include: Web Science, Digital Library, Web Archiving, and Web Annotation.

I received my Master's degree in Computer Science in 2011 from New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM) and my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Tripoli (Tripoli, Libya)


  • Mohamed Aturban, Michael L. Nelson and Michele C. Weigle, "Quantifying Orphaned Annotations in Hypothes.is," In Proceedings of the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries Conference (TPDL). Poznan, Poland, (September 2015). [ PDF, BibTeX ]
  • GPU-Accelerated Long-Term Simulations of Beam-Beam Effects in Colliders", B. Terzic, V. Morozov, Y. Roblin, F. Lin, H. Zhang, M. Aturban, D. Ranjan and M. Zubair 2014, 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference 2014, Dresden [ paper, poster]
  • GPU-optimized Code for Long-term Simulations of Beam-beam Effects in Colliders", Y. Roblin, V. Morozov, B. Terzic, M. Aturban, D. Ranjan and M. Zubair 2013, 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference 2013, Shanghai [paper]

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Teaching Assistant

I have worked as a teaching assistant at the following universities

Research Assistant

I have worked as a research assistant at the following universities

Graduate Courses

I am listing here all of the graduate courses I have taken so far at three different Universities
  • Old Dominion University (Toward my PhD)
    • CS586: Introduction to Parallel Computing
    • CS872: Network Security: Concepts, Protocols and Programmin g
    • CS896: Topics in Computer Science
    • CS879: Design of Network Protocols
    • CS896: High Performance Computing with Multicores and GPU
    • CS895: Web-Based Information Retrieval
    • CS896: Topics in Computer Science ( Introduction to Web Science )
    • CS825: Information Visualization
    • CS891: Visualization Seminar
    • CS899: Doctoral Dissertation
  • New Mexico State University (Master's degree in Computer Science)
    • CS515: User Interface Design
    • CS504: Computer Networks I
    • CS581: Advanced Software Engineering
    • CS584: Computer Networks II
    • CS571: Programming Language Structure II
    • CS598: Master's Project (supervised by Prof. Jonathan Cook)
    • CS510: Automata, Languages, Computability
    • CS574: Operating Systems II
    • CS502: Database Management Systems
    • CS570: Analysis of Algorithms
  • University of Tripoli (Finished the coursework toward getting my Master's degree in Computer Science but travelled to USA before finishing the final project)
    • CS603: Artificial Intelligence
    • CS610: Seminars in Information Systems
    • CS604: Computer Algorithms
    • CS605: Data Communications & Computer Networks
    • CS608: New Directions in Programming
    • CS602: Advanced Database Systems
    • CS620: Advanced Operating Systems
    • CS614: Software Engineering
    • CS618: Image Processing


I was born and grew up in Tripoli, Libya. Here are some pictures from my home country


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