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in action at Hypertext 2010 in Toronto, CA
in action at JCDL 2009 in Austin, TX, USA
in action at Medienzeitreise 2005 in Berlin, Germany
in action at IP 2004 in Virrat, Finland
Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain 2009
Los Angeles, CA, USA 2007
Las Vegas, NV, USA 2005
Grand Canyon, AZ, USA 2005
somewhere in western Virginia, VA, USA 2005
somewhere in Finland 2004
tennis tourney Virginia Beach, VA, USA 2008
USTA National Championships Tucson, AZ, USA 2010
Half Marathon Virginia Beach, VA, USA 2005
the older most beautiful niece in the world, Berlin 2009
the two most beautiful nieces in the world, Berlin 2008
Christmas 2008 in Berlin

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