Old Dominion University

Internet-Based Course

CS 390 - Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Spring 2004

Prof. Shunichi Toida

Updated on October 23, 2003

This course will be delivered via the internet, as part of the Computer Science Dept's TechEd initiative, under the ODU Teletechnet program. There will be no live (classroom or Teletechnet) lectures for this course, although a few question and answer sessions through Teletechnet may be given. Under this program, a complete upper-division (junior and senior) CS bachelors degree program will be made available via the internet.

This spring CS 390 is given for the third time and it is intended for those who live near ODU Teletechnet sites. Although we will make every effort to provide a proper learning environment for students in this class, anyone taking the course should be prepared for the possibility, or the probability, that some things will go wrong. Students who register for this course should do so with the understanding that they are partners, with the instructor, in trying to provide a better learning experience for the students who will follow in subsequent semesters. If you are the kind of student who is easily distracted by unexpected technical problems, then please don't take this class in Spring 2004 semester.

Course Prerequisites

  • CS 381 (Introduction to Discrete Structures)
  • MATH 163 (Pre-Calculus II),
    or equivalents.
  • Calculus is not required but strongly recommended.

    Students are presumed to be familiar with basic programming techniques, including the use of functions and procedures, loops and recursion. Also assumed is facility with basic algebra.

    Students are also expected to be familiar with the use of standard Internet-based tools including e-mail

    Technical Requirements - Hardware

    Because this course is hosted on the Internet, you will need to make sure that you have access to the appropriate computing equipment and software to participate in the course activities.

    Hardware requirements are pretty straightforward.


    Almost any Pentium-class Windows 95, 98 or higher, or NT machine should do. Equivalently powered Unix or Macintosh machines are also acceptable, though these may introduce other limitations regarding software (below).

    Whatever the machine, a good Internet connection is essential. You should be able to connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) at 28k or better. Perhaps more importantly, your ISP must be able to actually feed you information at that rate during the time periods when you will be logged in.

    Technical Requirements - Software

    Software requirements are more specific:


    Communications with the Instructor

    1. The main communication medium is e-mail, (toida@cs.odu.edu), though you may also use telephone, ( (757)683-3392 ).
      • Homeworks: hand in by attaching a file (see 2. below) to an e-mail
      • Questions: send an e-mail. May attach a file (see 2. below) to an e-mail.
    2. The accepted files are MS Word (.doc), PDF or Postscript (.ps) files. NO OTHER FILES are accepted. For mathematical symbols, you may also follow the convention given in legend with red color, thus avoiding the use of special fonts.
    3. e-mail questions are first going to be acknowledged (usually immediately but within a few hours at the worst except weekends) and then they are going to be answered by e-mail. Every effort will be made to reply as soon as possible and at the worst within 24 hours of receipt (except on weekends). It is not always possible to reply within a few minutes or even a few hours.

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    For any questions, e-mail me at toida@cs.odu.edu