CS381 Introduction to Discrete Structures

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Last update September 29, 2000

Table of Contents



    1. Problem Solving click here
    2. Extrapolation click here

  3. LOGIC

    1. Introduction to Logic click here

    2. Propositional Logic
      1. Introduction to Propositional Logc Click here
      2. Proposition
      3. From English to Proposition
      4. Reasoning with Propositions
      5. Exercises
  4. Predicate Logic
    1. Why Predicate Logic ? Click here
    2. Well Formed Formula (Wff) of Predicate Logic
    3. From Wff to Proposition Click here
    4. English to Logic Translation Click here
    5. Reasoning with Predicate Logic
    6. Exercises

  • SETS

    1. Basics
      1. Introduction to Sets Click here
      2. Representation of Set Click here
      3. Equality, Subset, Etc Click here
    2. Mathematical Reasoning Click here

    3. Set Operations
      1. Set Operations Click here
      2. Properties of Set Operation Click here

    4. Exercises on Reasoning about Sets Click here


    1. Recursive Definition
      1. Recursive Definition click here
      2. Generalized Set Operations Click here
      3. Recursive Definition of Function click here
    2. Recursive Algorithm click here

    3. Proof by Induction
      1. First Principle of Mathematical Induction click here
      2. Example 1 of Use of Mathematical Induction --- Sum of Cubes click here
      3. Example 2 of Use of Mathematical Induction --- Program Correctness click here
      4. Second Principle of Mathematical Induction click here
      5. Justification of Second Principle click here
      6. General Induction click here
      7. Exercises on Induction click here


    1. Introduction to Relation click here

    2. Definitions
      1. Binary Relation click here
      2. Definition of Relation (general relation) click here
      3. Equality of Relations click here
      4. Recursive Definition of Relation click here
    3. Properties of Binary Relation, and Operations
      1. Digraph click here
      2. Digraph Representation of Binary Relation click here
      3. Properties of Binary Relation click here
      4. Operations on Binary Relations click here
    4. Special Relations
      1. Closures of Binary Relation click here
      2. Equivalence Relation click here
      3. Order Relation click here

    1. Definitions click here

    2. Growth of Function click here

  • INDEX click here

    People who contributed to this project (alphabetical order)

    • Minyi He
    • Li Li
    • Anjlica Malla
    • Guillaume Nerzic
    • Mohamed Owis
    • Lan Wang
    • Chunxiang Xu

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