Information Visualization Project:World Population:1980 ~ 2010, Influence of Development Indicators & Future Projection

World:1980~2010 World Future

World Choropleth Map:Projected Future Population - 2020 ~ 2100

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World Future Projected Population Chart by Continents : 2010 ~ 2100.

This idiom provides details about how the future projection of world population looks like by continents.This idiom provides users option to view the same data using three different types of charts, such as bar chart, area chart and line chart.
Select Options: Bar Chart, Line Chart & Area Chart

Top Selected Countries Popluation Projection – 2010 ~ 2100

This idiom provides details about how projected trend looks like for the top heavily populated countries such as China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, Mexico as well as Canada and Germany.

Supports selection of up to 5 different values (individual drop-down list) of countries to view, compare, co-relate and analyses how the projection looks like from year 2010 to 2100.