Information Visualization Project:World Population:1980 ~ 2010, Influence of Development Indicators & Future Projection

World:1980~2010 World Future

World Choropleth Map:Population, GDP Per Capita and Population Density – 1980 to 2010

World Population Population Density GDP Per Capita

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World Population Chart by Continents – 1980 and 2010.

This idiom provides details about how the world population has trended in last three decades by continents.This idiom provides users option to view the same data using three different types of charts, such as bar chart, area chart and line chart.
Select Options: Bar Chart, Line Chart & Area Chart

World Development Indicator Chart – 1990 and 2010

This idiom provides details about how various development indicators such as GDP, GDP Per Capita, Population, Birth Rate, Fossil Fuel Consumption, Labor Force, Co2 Emissions, and Methane Emissions
of top heavily populated countries such as China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, Mexico as well as Canada, Singapore and Germany.

Supports selection of up to 5 different values (individual drop-down list) of country-attributes to view, compare, co-relate and analyses how these attributes have trended in last two decades.

World Population - All Countries by Year:1980 ~ 2010.

This idiom provides population details of all the countries of the world for any selected year using the drop down list.


I would like thank Dr. Michele Weigle, Professor of Computer Science Department at Old Dominion University. This would not have been possible without her course CS 725, guidance and all the support provided through out. THANK YOU !!!

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