1. This is probably the easiest recipe yet. Short and oh so sweet. What will you do with the free time? First peel some potatoes.

2. Next cut the potatoes into fries.

3. Now heat up some oil until you hear snap, crackle, and pop.

4. Now fry the potatoes. This takes a while. Why not fry with the potatoes?
5. As the potatoes get close to being done scramble some eggs. You want the egg to potato ratio to be 2:1.
6. Empty out the grease and throw some butter in the pan like you're getting ready to cook an omelet. Put half the egg mixture and the fries into the pan.

7. Use another bowl and flip the chipsi mayai. Then rebutter the pan, pour the rest of the egg in, scoop up the chipsi mayai and slide it on top so you get the egg on both sides on the fries. Think of the egg as bread and the fries as cheese of grilled cheese.

8. When the eggs are done so are you. Best served with soda. Enjoy.

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