Research Work Log for VANETs


Physical and MAC Simulation ( not for the class CS891)

Nov 15-30 write the draft of the QoS paper, try to submit to IEEE.

Nov 1-15 work the first draft of QoS paper, we apply the idea into VANET.

Oct 30, read paper Proactive Traffic Merging Strategies for Sensor-Enabled Cars

Oct 25, Qos routing get good results.

Oct 10, Fixed the bug in random number.

Oct 1, Got some basic results, two part simulation: one is in NS2(MAC Layer), the other is in application layer.

Sep 19, I reviewed my code and fixed one bug.

Sep 18, I got some basic results, check here.

Aug 24 ~ Sep 14, developed a simple version of Qos routing based on 802.11 in NS2, which extends RTS and CTS.

Traffic Model and Mobility Model

Nov 1 -present, rewrite a review paper about mobility and network simulators in VANETs
Oct 1, revise a highway simulator to get a trace file and import into NS2
Sep 19, I had done  the experiment of importing VanetMobiSim's trace file into NS2. It works well. Next step is SWAN++ ==> NS2.

Sep 18, my plan is to find a simple scenario which can be run on all the simulators. I will import the traffic trace file into NS2 to compare their performance.

Sep 1 ~ Sep 14, Installed several simulators: Trans, Swans++, VanetMobiSim and Played with them. Trans <--> NS2 works, VanetMobiSim<-->NS2 not try yet.

Radar or Lisa Simulation

Oct 1, Read SWANS++ source code.

Sep 18, SWAN++ may be the best solution for simulation of LISA or NOTICE since it includes mobility and network simulator. The authors claimed they validate their network with NS2 and GloMoSim on their web site.

Sep 14, thinking about to develop a middle ware to translate messages between NS2 and mobisim. Problem: how do Ns2 agents communicate with outside server or client?  

Paper on the way

1, Qos routing ( not for the class CS891)

2, Zone routing (similar to ZRP) ( not for the class CS891)

3. Radar revising ( different radio and radar range, one Omnidirection radar)

4. Review simulators ( revising ), do more work on this.

Paper reading

Nov 1-Present about 20 papers in the QoS in MANET or VANET.

Oct 1, read "Integrating stability estimation into quality of service routing in mobil ad-hoc networks".

Sep 18, read more source code in NS2, esp. 802.11 part and schedule part.

 Sep 14, Understanding the implementation of IEEE MAC 802.11 standard in NS2 (very nice and detailed article).
 Sep 14, a real experiment about hidden node


Useful tool:

Ubuntu, a simple Linux system with a powerful apt-get utility.

 GBMDiff, visualized diff


Sep 14 10:30, the combination of adjoin code generation, talking about improving mesh generator on the compiler layer.