Dr. Ayman Elmesalami

Master Lecturer & University Distinguished Teacher, Old Dominion University

Undergraduate Program Director, CS-ODU

Ph.D., 2004, Kansas State University

Contact Information

Office: Dragas Hall 1100B
Phone: (757) 683-7719
E-mail: aelmesal@odu.edu

Work & Teaching Experience

Teaching (96 - 22)

Old Dominion University, Virginia University of Guelph, Ontario Guelph-Humber University, Ontario
  • CS121, Information Literacy
  • CS250, Problem Solving and Programming II
  • CS333, Combined Problem Solving and Programming I & II
  • CS361, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS381, Introduction to Discrete Structures
  • CS455/555, Networks and Communications
  • CS471, Operating Systems
  • CS595, Image Processing
  • CS697, Independent Study in CS
  • CIS*1500, Introduction to Programming
  • CIS*2030, Structure and Application of Micro-computers
  • CIS*3760, Software Engineering
  • CIS*4110, Security Systems
  • CIS*4210, Telecommunications
  • CIS*4410, Trends in Distributed Systems
  • CIS*4430, Information Organization and Retrieval
  • ENGG*3210, Digital Communication Systems
  • ENGG*4430, Neuro Fuzzy and Soft Computing System
  • DCCT*2000, Computer Programming III
  • DCCT*2040, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • DCCT*3020, Operating Systems
  • DCCT*4130, Distributed Programming II
  • DCCT*4140, Internet Technologies (Web Programming)
  • DCCT*4160, Distributed Information Systems
  • DCCT*4151, Senior Research Paper I
  • DCCT*4152, Senior Research Paper II
  • DCCT*4250, Seminar on Technology and Society
Durham College, Ontario College of the Rockies, British Columbia Kansas State University, Kansas
  • PROG-2305, JavaScript
  • COMP*153, Introduction to Data Processing
  • COMP*154, Computer Applications in Business
  • EECE 210 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • EECE-241, Introduction to Computer Engineering

Awards & Grants


Raspberry Pi Programming & Undergraduate Research Projects

Student Mentoring & UG Summer Research

Selected Publications

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