Bar chart of passing yards per player (best displayed as a horizontal bar chart), with conference as color:

It can be provisioned from the plot that Big Ten conference has low passing yards while CCA has the higesht. It is also clear that the dataset doesn't contain an even distribution for the players among conferences. For example SEC seems to have larger number of players than Ind in this study. The low passing yards in Big 12 needs to be investegated as it appears to hold the lowest passing players.

Scatterplot of 2 interesting variables:

The plot shows that the players tend to pass rather than rush. I am not expert in football but this needs to be investigatd to check whether the rushing capabilities need to be enhanced or not.

Scatterplot of 2 interesting variables, split by conference:

The rushing activity seems to be week in CCA and Ind conferences while recording the highest levels in MAC and Pac-12. This feature needs to be investigated as games require the rushing power of the team to be acceptable.

One other interesting graph:

The previous plot shows the passing attempts to the completed ones per player. The circle size implies the passing rate. The first note is that the circles appear with very close sizes therfore players rate are very close to each other. Althought the huge number of passes per player is something good, but they also need to be completed not just thrown. This plot shows the importance to train players on accurate passing.


Scatterplot matrix of passing yards, passing TDs, passer rating, rushing yards, and rushing TDs

Scatterplot matrix to color-code the scatterplots based on correlation

The colored scatterplot matrix gives more insight to the correlation. Although the uncolored matrix follows the same order as the colored, it is not easy to visualize the correlation.

Bar chart of passing yards per player (best displayed as a horizontal bar chart), with conference as color

I would like to thank Thomas Kennady for his help in extending the y-axis length.

Bar chart of the average of one of the statistics for each conference

rChart scatterplot:

rChart Scatter Plot : Passing Attempts vs. Rushing Attempts

rChart bar chart:

rChart Bar Chart : The average Passing Rate per conference


Scatter Plot:

Scatter Plot

Bar Chart:

Bar Chart

NVD3 Bar plot Average Passing Rate per Conference:


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