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Emeritus Associate Professor of Computer Science

Simulation, remote instruction, code analysis techniques

Phone: 757-683-4418 Fax: 757-683-4900
Office: OCNPS 139 & E&CS 3300


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  • Some Interesting Web Sites. No theme, but interesting.

  • What's the Best Software Ever Written? From Information Week, Aug. 14, 2006.
  • Visual Cognition Lab Experiments at University of Illinois. A series of pop quizzes on how well you see.
  • Don't Fear the OOP. A popular brief tutorial on object oriented programming for the aspiring pulp western novelist.
  • One person's view of history's worst software bugs.PDF
  • Issues in Enhancing Model Reuse (SCS Grand Challenges in Simulation 2002) Word PDF
  • Redundancy in Model Specifications (TOMACS)
  • Learning Paradigms and Web Technologies for Interactive Remote Instruction (IFIP 98)
  • Use of Web Technology for Interactvie Remote Instruction (WWW 7)
  • Performance evaluation of TCP(UDP)/IP over ATM networks
  • Intelligent Forces/What If Simulation System for Advanced Research and Development
  • Interactive Remote Instruction Technology (IRIT)
  • Automatic Code Transformation
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