Problem Data

The following links are data extracted from the current Course Registration Wait-list System provided by Dr. Irwin Levinstein. The first link shows a wait-list history log while the second one describes how the wait-list feature is currently functioning.

Data Set 1: Wait-list History Log
Data Set 2: Wait-list Explanation

Process Flows Comparison

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Major Functional Components Diagram

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Version 1
Version 2
Version 3 (current)

Milestone Diagrams:

Hardware Requirements:

Notification System:

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  • Anthony Baron: Algorithms
  • Nicholas LoGioco: Algorithms
  • Latimer Gerle: Database
  • Bitaseme Mboe: Interfaces
  • Lookmai Rattana: User Interface
  • Patrick DeBerry: Reporting/Analyses


Load Enrollment Data Files

Open Course

Check for Open Seats

Add Student to Wait-list


Drop Student form Wait-list

Increase Course Capacity

Close Course


Database Schematic

Database: Student

Database: Course

Database ER Diagram



User Interface

Administrator: Dashboard 1

Administrator: Dashboard 2

Administrator: Search

Administrator: Wait-list Detail

Advisor: Dashboard

Advisor: Search

Advisor: Student Detail

Advisor: Wait-list Detail

Scheduler: Dashboard 1

Scheduler: Dashboard 2

Scheduler: Search

Scheduler: Wait-list Detail

Student: Dashboard

Student: Search

Student: Wait-list Sign Up

Student: Confirmation

Visitor View

User Stories

Team Member Labs

Bitaseme Mboe

  • Bitaseme Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Bitaseme Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Bitaseme Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Bitaseme Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)

Nick Logioco

  • Nick Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Nick Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Nick Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Nick Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)

Anthony Baron

  • Anthony Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Anthony Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Anthony Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Anthony Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)

Latimer Gerle

  • Latimer Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Latimer Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Latimer Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Latimer Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)

Lookmai Rattana

  • Lookmai Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Loomai Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Lookmai Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Lookmai Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)

Patrick DeBerry

  • Patrick Lab 1v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Patrick Lab 2v2: Document (DOCX)
  • Patrick Lab 3: Document (DOCX)
  • Patrick Lab 4 (UserManual): Document (DOCX)