Dec. 13, 2004
-Prototype Presentation

-Meeting 2:30

Dec. 12, 2004
-Meeting 2:30 final run through

Dec. 8, 2004
-Prototype complete
-Test meatloaf success


Welcome to the CareFree Cook
According to Harry Balzer, a recognized expert on American food trends, 77 percent of meals are made at home. That’s three meals a day every day of the week On average it takes 1.9 hours a day to prepare the meals and surveys preformed by Harry Balzer show Americans are fed up with it.
The Carefree Cook is the answer the American people are looking for.

The Carefree Cook will make the cooking of meat more consistent and convenient by the use of real-time temperature monitoring and automated oven control. This system will add a meat thermometer and a PC style CPU to a standard electric oven. The CPU will control the oven based on a combination of user input, database information, and current meat temperature readings. The objective is to permit a user to cook meat thoroughly and accurately with minimal training and effort.


Another fine Project from CPI
The primary objective of the Computer Productivity Initiative (CPI) is to identify and develop students understanding on how to apply their education to real world problems. The two new senior level courses focus on such topics as technical research, market research, presentation skills, group collaboration, interviews, budgeting, proposal writing, presentation tools, scheduling, hardware availability research, system architectural design, requirements specification, simulation, prototyping, and cost estimation.
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