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Mark Foley, a Congressman from Florida, resigned on Sept 29, 2006 over allegations of inappropriate emails to minors who worked as Congressional pages. It was brought to my attention on Tuesday (Oct 3, 2006) that his two websites

were both shut off after the resignation. I have reconstructed both sites using Warrick and made them available here:
  1. - ZIP (3 MB) or TAR (3 MB)
  2. - ZIP (10 MB) or TAR (10 MB)
I used the -c switch which essentially recovers all content stored in Internet Archive, Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Some of the content in IA is probably old and not connected to the current version of the website, but it may be interesting to someone anyway.

I used the -v switch to convert all URLs in the recovered pages to relative ones so the site could be browsed locally. Also .html was appended to the file names so they would open by default into the browser.

For the site, I had to manually replace the index.html file with the cached version from MSN. When Warrick reconstructed the site, it chose Google's version of index.html since it was newer than MSN's, but it was a "Website Not Found" page, not the actual anchor page.

According to the recon logs, there were 381 total resources recovered for (340 missing, mostly images) and 645 recovered for (195 missing, mostly images).

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