Distributed Task Bag System using the .NET Framework and Remoting


I have implemented a distributed system using the .NET Framework and Remoting where a job is broken down into subtasks and completed in parallel. A Task Master places work to be completed in a Task Bag. Workers get work from the Task Bag and return the results to the Task Bag. The Task Master obtains the completed work from the Task Bag and assembles the results into a completed job. This project was written in C#, and the source code is freely available.

Task Bag diagram


System Details
Task Bag Presentation
Source code and executables
Running the System

NOTE: You are free to download, modify, and use the source code for any purposes you wish as long as you abide by the license (included in the download). This software is provided "as is". I cannot give you specific installation or configuration help. If you find an error in the installation instructions or software, please let me know about it by sending me an e-mail.

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