Networking at ODU-CS
Intelligent Networking and Systems (iNetS) Research Group in the Department of Computer Science at Old Dominion University



Dr. Tamer NadeemDr. Stephan OlariuDr. Michele C. Weigle

PhD Students

  • Syed Rizvi
  • Mostafa Uddin
  • Xianping Wang



  • Mo Almalag, May 2013 - Assistant Professor, University of Indiana-Kokomo
    TDMA Slot Reservation in Cluster-Based VANETs (almalag-phd13)
  • Samy El-Tawab, August 2012 - Assistant Professor, James Madison University
    FRIEND: A Cyber-Physical System for Traffic Flow Related Information Aggregation and Dissemination (eltawab-phd11)
  • Mahmoud Abuelela, August 2011 - Amazon
    A Framework for Incident Detection and Notification in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (abuelela-phd11)
  • Hadi Arbabi, August 2011 - ScrollMotion (NYC)
    A Framework for Dynamic Traffic Monitoring using Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (arbabi-phd11)
  • Khaled Ibrahim, May 2011 - SQL Server Team, Microsoft
    Data Aggregation and Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (ibrahim-phd11)
  • Hady AbdelSalam, Dec 2010 - StreamInsight Team, Microsoft
    A Virtual Infrastructure for Mitigating Typical Challenges in Sensor Networks (abdelsalam-phd10)
  • Gongjun Yan, May 2010 - Assistant Professor, Southern Indiana University
    Providing Location Security in Vehicular Networks (yan-phd10)

MS Thesis

  • Vikas Ashok, May 2011
    A Probabilistic Analysis of Misparking in Reservation Based Parking Garages (ashok-ms-2011)
  • Ryan Florin, May 2011
    A Penalty-Based Approach to Handling Cluster Sizing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (florin-ms-2011)
  • Hadi Arbabi, Aug 2007 - PhD ODU
  • Gyanesh Choudhary, May 2007 - GE (Charlottesville, VA)


  • Liang Chen, May 2013
  • Chinmay Lokesh, May 2012


  • Thomas Kennedy (Summer 2011-Fall 2011)
  • Greg Maslov (Fall 2009-Fall 2010)
  • Nickolas Betcher (Summer 2010 REU)
  • Lazarus Boone (Summer 2010 REU)
  • Nathan Brunelle, BS May 2011, UVa (Summer 2010 REU) - PhD student, UVa
  • Ian Iepson, BS Aug 2010 (Summer 2010) - MS student, George Mason
  • Colin Courtney, BS May 2010 (Summer 2008-Summer 2009)
  • Meredith Wilhelm, BS Dec 2008 (Summer 2008 REU)
  • Matt Crinklaw-Vogt, BS May 2008 (Fall 2007-Spring 2008)