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Highway Mobility and VANETs in ns-3
Hadi Arbabi and Michele C. Weigle, "Highway Mobility and Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks in ns-3," In Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference. Baltimore, MD, December 2010. (PDF, BibTeX)

ASH - Application-aware SWANS with Highway Mobility
Khaled Ibrahim and Michele C. Weigle, "ASH: Application-aware SWANS with Highway mobility (poster)," In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on MObile Networking for Vehicular Environments (MOVE). Phoenix, AZ, April 2008. (PDF, BibTeX)

Michele C. Weigle, Prashanth Adurthi, Felix Hernandez-Campos, Kevin Jeffay and F. Donelson Smith, "Tmix: A Tool for Generating Realistic Application Workloads in ns-2," Computer Communication Review, Vol. 36, No. 3, July 2006, pp. 67-76. (PDF, BibTeX)

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