Fall 2018 CS418/518 Project - Milestone 3

The course project will have students build a social media website. The project will be broken down into four milestones, where a milestone will consist of requirements to be met by each student's implementation.

Each milestone will have a set of "Base Requirements" and possibly "Get Ahead" requirements. Students only need to be concerned with meeting the Base Requirements for the milestone's deliverables. The Get Ahead requirements must be met for the milestone after the milestone in which they are defined (e.g., Milestone 1's Get Ahead requirements will be due as part of Milestone 2), so students can opt to begin working on these if time permits.

About half way through the milestone (see the CS518 Course Homepage for due dates), a midway status report will be presented in class by each student. This report will consist of a 2-3 minute presentation (slides optional) describing the planning done by the student to meet the milestone's requirements, preliminary design strategies, the status of development, and any further information to signify that progress is being made. A demo is not necessary but screenshots are encouraged. This presentation will be worth 2 of the 25 points for the milestone. You will get 0 of 2 points if you are not present, fail to show progress, or do not attend your peers' presentations. Even beginning to think about the problem or develop design is considered progress, so long as you show it in the midway status report.

The four milestones' and midway presentation dates and deadlines will be defined on the course website.

Project Milestone 3 - Basic Operations

Requirements (Base)
All Base Requirements from milestones 1 and 2 must be met to obtain full credit on milestone 3.

New Features & Pagination
  1. Implement pagination for the most recent posts. Make a reasonable choice of "page" length (e.g., 10 questions per page).
  2. Use Ajax to fetch and populate prior messages and append posts to the display area
  3. Allow users to embed pretty-formatted code, images from a local file, and images from the web in posts.
  4. Provide a help page for your site with information about usage, edge cases, implementation, or other useful hints for how to interact with your site.
  1. Provide a special user account (ADMINISTRATOR)
  2. Allow administrators to edit group membership
  3. Allow administrators to delete posts
  4. Allow administrators to invite new users
  5. Allow an administrator to "archive" a group, which should result in no further posts, reactions, modifications to group membership.
  6. An administrator should also be able to "unarchive" a group.
  1. Create a user reputation metric based on number of groups, number of posts, and reactions
  2. Display reputation and associated metrics in the user's profile
  3. Provide a textbox in your interface to allow any registered user to query your database to look up any other user. The result of the lookup must display the user's profile page from milestone 2.
  4. Each time a user types a letter in the textbox, perform an Ajax request to query your database, return, and display preliminary results.
  5. For example, if two users in your database have usernames "pallen" and "paulo", typing "pa" in the textbox would preliminarily display both user's names with a means to directly access the users' respective profiles.


At 3:00pm on the demo day, a script will clone the GitHub repository you specified in assignment 1.


Your project repository can contain any number of PHP, HTML, and JavaScript files to support your in-development site.

The home page for your web site must be located in a file named "index.php". In addition to the files for the web site, you should also provide a backup of your MySQL database for importing for your project demo. This can be accomplished in the phpMyAdmin Export tab. The resulting file should be a .sql file. This file will be loaded into a MySQL instance on demo day, so verification of the integrity of the dump (i.e., try to import it using phpMyAdmin) is encouraged. Include this file in the root of your project repository as milestone3dump.sql. Include enough questions, answers, and users to effectively evaluate your web site.

We will use a Docker-based deployment scheme on demo day. This system will be equipped with the latest PHP, mySQL, and Apache versions. The instance will also expect the milestone3dump.sql and index.php files to be in the root of your project repository and will assume you used the above credentials for interaction with your database.

Per the syllabus, a brief writeup detailing how each requirement was met, design decisions, programming tricks, and helpful resources consulted is required to be submitted as a hard copy on demo day. All external libraries, resources, and other utilities used by your site must be documented to receive full credit.