Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 16:38:55 -0400 (EDT)

From: David E. Keyes

Contents of this e-mail:
* sites for weather forecasts
* conference registration tally
* tour registration tally (and ID requirements posting)
* short course registration tally
* reminder of URLs for last-minute checking
* reminder about audio/visual facilities
* announcement of network access
* announcement of emergency message access
* announcement of conference displays

Dear Parallel CFD'99 Presenters/Attendees:

Some of you will shortly commence your travel, to hook up with other destinations on the same trip, so this is intended to be a final mailing to all known participants in Parallel CFD'99. If there seems to be an ominous reason to do so, I will post a weather forecast for the Williamsburg area next Friday. Travellers may check weather at the Norfolk and Richmond airports anytime at and, respectively. Travel information was updated about a week ago at

As of the present time, there are just over 100 registrants. Based on historical trends, we estimate an ultimate registration of approximately 115-120. Electronic versions of the the program schedule and presentation titles are on-line and will be dynamically updated. The pre-conference abstract books are printed. Instructions for authors from the publisher of the proceedings will be distributed at the conference.

There are just under 70 non-US nationals pre-registered for the NASA Langley part of the Monday tour. (In interpreting this number as a percentage of the total, it should be recalled that many scientists and students who work full-time in the US are not US nationals.) ** ALL SUCH TOUR PARTICIPANTS SHOULD HAVE A PICTURE ID WITH THEM. ** (Many of you will have your passports with you anyway, but US-based non-nationals should remember to have a positive form of ID along.)

There are just under 30 registrants for the PETSc short coure. Based on verbal or electronic interest, we expect approximately 40 for this Sunday afternoon pre-conference activity. If you intend to come, and wish handouts prepared for you, please register in advance. Drop-ins are welcome, but only pre-registrants can be guaranteed sufficient copies for mark-up during the course. (Much PETSc documentation is on-line at, including 240 slide images from the most recent PETSc short course at the SIAM Parallel Processing Conference. Our short course will be subset of the SIAM version, since we are allowing fewer hours.) If your name appears at you will have a packet of handouts waiting for you. If it does not, and you would like there to be one, let me know with a personal response to this e-mail, and I will add you to the list.

Remember that each of the three parallel-track conference rooms will have a microphone, a laser pointer, 2 overhead projectors, a VCR (VHS) with monitor, a slide projector with carousel, and a laptop projection system. Please plan your presentation to maximize the audience's ability to appreciate your work, based on this availability. (On the other hand, IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO HAVE A SET OF PLAIN SLIDES AS A BACK-UP, in case electronic systems are incompatible. Blank slides and markers will be available for spontaneous additions, but on-site printing will not be convenient.)

We INTEND to provide network access during reasonable hours to participants via a couple of internetted computers. Uncrowded access cannot be guaranteed, of course, but participants can anticipate being able to deal with some of their urgent e-mail while visiting the conference hotel.

A telephone line for emergency incoming messages from home and a bulletin board will be provided in the foyer of the presentation hall.

A small amount of display space will be available for participants to distribute hardcopies of their papers, display their books, advertize their conferences, etc.

We are pleased to announce that our corporate sponsor IBM will have a display of their latest workstations at the conference. A few publishers will also have booktables of interest to Parallel CFD'ers.

Bon Voyage!

David, on behalf of the organizers