Special Notice Regarding Conference Tour of NASA Langley

Approximately 90 minutes of the conference tour of the NASA Langley Research Center and the Virginia Air and Space Museum will be spent inside the security gates at NASA Langley.

Access to the Research Center by non-US citizens is restricted.

Non-US citizens may take the tour, provided their names and countries of citizenship are provided to the NASA Langley tour office two weeks prior to the time of entry - in this case by Friday May 7, 1999. No exchange of technical information with NASA or NASA contractor scientists is permitted during the tour visit.

Therefore, even though late registration of non-US citizens for the Parallel CFD'99 conference will continue up until the date of the meeting, only those who have registered with NASA prior to May 7, 1999 may be permitted on the tour. US citizens may take the tour no matter how late they register.

Since it is not possible to ascertain citizenship from names, affiliations, or e-mail addresses in our worldwide mobile scientific culture, all registrants will be polled as to their citizenship for the composition of the list to be furnished to NASA.

Your understanding and patience concerning any awkwardness that this 90-minute component of the overall conference program may cause is sought and appreciated.