Louis Nguyen
PhD Candidate
Dept of Computer Science
Old Dominion Univeristy
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Norfolk, VA 23529-0162
email: lnguyen@ cs.odu.edu


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    Welcome to Louis Nguyen's Homepage

    A little bit about me... I attended Old Dominion University in 1989 and graduated with the B.S. degree in Computer Science in 1994.   My professional career started at NASA Langley Research Center in 1994.   I am currently working as a Research Computer Engineer in the Climate Science Branch of the Science Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA. My research area focused on computer systems and algorithms for conducting remote sensing and climate science research.   Go to the Science Directorate to find out what we do and be sure to watch the video (you may see a me in it).   With NASA support, I started full-time graduate studies at ODU in 2008 after being away from academia for more than fourteen years. My academic advisor is Michael L. Nelson.

    Recent Papers and Upcoming Conferences

    1. Fall 2011 AGU Conference, San Fran, CA Apr 5-9 Dec 2011
    2. Journal paper accepted to IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens. 2011   CERES Edition-2 cloud property retrievals using TRMM VIRS and Terra and Aqua MODIS data, Part II: Examples of average results and comparisons with other data
    3. 2011 NOAA Satellite Direct Readout Conference, Miami, FL Apr 4-8 Apr 2011

    Latest News

    • 2011-05-07:   ODU Graudation, Master's Degree
    • 2011-03-23:   NASA MACPEX Field Campaign, Houston, TX
    • 2011-03-21:   HIWC Operational Planning meeting
    • 2011-03-07:   HIWC Science Team Meeting
    • 2011-01-00:   Begin Dissertation Research
    • 2010-12-11:   Fall 2010 Classes end
    • 2010-11-09:   Participated in NASA-IPCC Data System Workshop, Goddard, MD
    • 2010-10-25:   Presentation at 2010 A-Train Symposium, New Orleans, LA
    • 2010-06-28:   Presentation at 2010 AMS Atmos Rad./Cloud Physics, Portland OR
    • 2010-06-07:   Begin Thesis Research
    • 2010-05-17:   Returned from graduate studies, back to NASA Langley
    • 2010-05-06:   Completed PhD course work requirements.
    • 2009-12-18:   Completed Masters course work requirements.
    • 2008-08-23:   Started full-time graduate studies with NASA sponsorship.

    Future Work Plan

    • 2011-06-17:
    •   NASA ROSES AIST letter of Intent (NOI) due
    • 2011-08-12:
    •   NASA ROSES AIST proposal due
    • 2011-09-19:
    •   NASA ROSES Calibration proposal due
    • 2011 Fall:
    •   PhD Qualification: Breath Exam
    • 2012-00-00:
    •   PhD Candidacy Examination, 10-12mo after MS defense
    • 2012-00-00:
    •   Submit papers to Computer Science conferences and journals
    • 2012-00-00:
    •   Submit papers to Atmospheric Science conferences and journals
    • 2012-00-00:
    •   Write Dissertation
    • 2013-04-00:
    •   Dissertation Defense

    Social Media

    I rather be fishing in Hatteras, NC. Image: Hatteras fleet out of Oregon Inlet, Outer Banks, NC