CS418 - Web Programming - Spring 2015

Old Dominion University

Mat Kelly (

What is This Course About?


Course Contents

  • LAMP Architecture
  • Web Architecture
  • Web Standards


Class Meeting

  • ECSB 2120
  • Monday & Wednesday
  • January 12, 2015 - April 28, 2015

No Exams!

Project Presentations and Demos

  1. During Final Exam time slot
  2. Friday May 1, 2015 3:45pm-6:45pm

Course Website

  • Syllabus
    • You are responsible for knowing all policies in the syllabus
  • Readings
    • Listed under the day they are expected to be completed.
  • Lecture Notes and Assignments
    • Posted on schedule page before class

Other Important Information

  • Grades posted to BlackBoard
  • Development can be done on any machine
    • including CS machines
  • Assignment submission will be done via GitHub
    • Will be the basis for the state of your on demo days
    • More details to come regarding submission


  • Beginning PHP5, Apache and MySQL Web Development by Naramore et al.
  • PHP, MySQL & JavaScript by Nixon
  • Book 1Book 2
  • Books optional but useful for reference.


Grading (Project)

  • Based solely on checkpoints for project throughout the semester.
  • Students will work individually (no groups)

Grading (Project) continued

  • 4 programs, 25 points each (details in syllabus)
    • 15 points - functional requirements
    • 3 points - brief project writeup
    • 3 points - website usability
    • 2 points - website aesthetics
    • 2 points - midway status report
  • Extra Credit
    • Opportunities for extra credit will be issued on the course homepage throughout the semester.
    • No individual extra credit will be given outside of these opportunities

Code Management

  • We will use Git for source control in this course
  • Progress on deliverables will be shown in GitHub repository history.

Class policies

  • Academic Integrity
  • Attendance
  • Other policies
  • Seeking Help

Academic Integrity

Any evidence of cheating or plagiarism will result in a 0 grade for the assignment, and the incident review.

What is plagiarism in a programming class?

  • turning in another student's work
    • Using a code snippet from another student
  • copying code from a source without proper acknowledgement
    • using a code example without citing its source


  • Arrive on time to class
    • Your grade will be affected if you are consistently tardy
  • Attendance is mandatory on status report and demo days
  • If you are absent, first check the course webpage for missed notes and/or assignments


  • Assignments are due (and will be demoed) in class on the due date
  • Turn off cell phones before coming to class

Seeking Help

  • Course website is your first reference
  • Come to office hours (ECSB 3102)
  • Send email (only for short, clarifying questions)
  • Ask your peers on the list
    • Another student might have the same question


  • About Me
  • Your Turn!
    • Name, Major, & Year
    • Hometown
    • Why You Are Taking This CS418?
    • Something Interesting About Yourself