Introduction to Digital Libraries

CS 495 (01347) 595 (01353) 796 (73326) 896 (73335)

Instructors: Dr. Kurt Maly and Michael L. Nelson

Spring 1999, Thursdays, 7:15-9:45 pm, Education Building, Room 154

Digital Libraries (DLs) are increasingly popular research area that encompass more than traditional information retrieval or database methods and techniques. We will cover a brief history of DL development, with emphasis on World Wide Web implementations. Case studies will be performed on various DLs. The class will focus heavily on project work, especially writing and/or coding. At the end of the course, students will be prepared to develop, evaluate, or apply digital library technologies in their work environment.


Take Home Mid-Term Exam: 24%
Take Home Final Exam: 24%
Semester Project: 52%
Note: Dr. Maly is responsible for all grading

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Practical Digital Libraries: Books, Bytes, and Bucks is recommended, but not required.
Readings will be assigned weekly (check class home page).

Office Hours by appointment:; 864-8511; 864-8342(f); 727-0552(home)