More About Me...

I live in Ghent, Norfolk VA (previously Colonial Place), with Danette Allen. I dispose of my spare change by owning old Fords: 1966 Galaxie 7 Litre Convertible, 1966 Fairlane, 1966 Galaxie 500XL, 1966 Galaxie (Pro Street) and 1973 Montego GT. I dispose of my spare time by following Virgina Tech athletics. Along with Johan Bollen, I comprise 1/2 of "DJs Precision and Recall", but our 2003 debut at a local coffee shop resulted in no further gigs despite our reasonable rate ($0.00). Since P&R are on indefinite hiatus, I now pontificate about music at F-Measure. I have been known to wear a chicken suit. I still play basketball with the folks at NASA, and I lift weights at the YMCA with Danette. Danette likes the Galaxie convertible, tolerates the other cars, enjoys the Hokies, hates electronic music, and will soon bench press more than I can.

A somewhat random selection of pictures from me and Danette.

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