The inspiration for my old homepage
In my office at NASA Langley Research Center (1991-2002)
Grad student mug shot (with goatee, ca. 1996)
In my (& Charlie Vile's former) office while a post-doc @ UNC (2000-2001)
Visiting Los Alamos (ca. 2000)
While a summer visitor at AFRL, Kirtland AFB (ca. 1999)
"Action" photo at the OAI Open Day, Washington DC (2001)
Guest lecturing at Cornell University (2001)
Yet another action photo; an invited presentation in London (2001)
Out with my 1966 Ford Galaxie 7 Litre Convertible shortly after purchasing it (2001)
Watching my $$$ disappear in the never-ending restoration... (2002)
Drinking on the streets of New Orleans (2000)