Publications and Presentations

I keep an up-to-date list of all of my publications (since 1993) and presentations (2009--now) and (2009--2001) .

Externally maintained publication lists:

I have an Erdös Number of 4 (S. Moran -> W. R. Franta -> K. Maly -> M. L. Nelson).

Counting TV appearances, I have a Bacon Number of 3 (via Seamus O'Regan on Canada AM).

This gives me a combined Erdös-Bacon number of 7, which puts me in good company.

If you count pick-up games, I have a Garnett number of 5: Garnett -> Posey -> Gatling -> Larry Wilson -> Justin Brunelle -> M. L. Nelson.

That gives me a Erdös-Bacon-Garnett number of 12.