CS 495/595 - Introduction to Web Science
creator: Michael L. Nelson
title: CS 495/595 - Introduction to Web Science
semester: Fall 2013
CRNs: 20630, 20631
location: Thursdays, 4:20-7:00, r. 2120
description: The Web has fundamentally changed how we learn, play, communicate, and work. Its influence has become so monumental that it has given birth to a new science: Web Science, or the science of decentralized information structures. Although Web Science is interdisciplinary by nature, this course will be focusing mainly on the computing aspects of the Web: how it works, how it is used, and how it can be analyzed. We will examine a number of topics including: web architecture, web characterization and analysis, web archiving, Web 2.0, social networks, collective intelligence, search engines, web mining, information diffusion on the web, and the Semantic Web.
comments: This class is heavily based on Dr. Frank McCown's CS 475 class, supported by NSF IIS-1008492.
CS 495/595 - Introduction to Web Science